About us

M Worldwide is a retail design and brand communications agency. We enhance the customer journey. We understand how shoppers think feel and behave, in store and online.




To invent, design and deliver the complete customer experience through our knowledge, expertise and customer-focused approach.


To be recognised as a leading creative retail design consultancy, by delivering the complete customer experience.

To provide retail insight to pioneering international and UK-based retailers and FMCG manufacturers.




Insight lies at the heart of every retail and brand success story; into consumer thoughts and feelings, into markets, and into businesses. (more…)

Brand Development & Corporate Identity

Whether you need to develop a new brand or reposition your current one, we can provide the brand strategy that defines who you are. (more…)

Brand Communications

By understanding customers’ needs, their mindset and how they shop, we can help you communicate the right information at the right time. (more…)

Environmental Design

Our core competency is retail design and the delivery of holistic, consumer-focused brand experiences. (more…)


Great ideas aren’t exclusive to our in-house experts. Our success lies in collaboration, at the heart of how we work ever since we were founded. (more…)

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