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“Since we started working together in 2003, M Worldwide has helped us go further than we ever thought possible. Our redefined retail offer has exceeded expectations by significantly increasing sales. Our brand is reinvigorated and staff in-store, more motivated. The new formats, communications and ideas developed by M Worldwide have put us on the map as a leading retail innovator.”

Gudjon Reynisson

General Manager, 10-11 - Iceland


“This project will set the bench mark for all Apple Premium Resellers.”

Sigridur Olgeirsdóttir

CEO, Humac

Bath Visitors Centre

“The new Bath Information Centre has received unanimous praise from visitors, residents, staff and key stakeholders alike. Our first few weeks of trading indicate that we have achieved exactly what we set out to do when we first briefed M Worldwide to provide a design solution which is not only a statement of Bath’s position as a leading world-class destination and one of the UK’s top three destinations, but also provides improved functionality to further increase sales and enhance the visitor welcome. We are absolutely delighted with the result.”

Nick Brooks-Sykes

CEO, Bath Tourism Plus

Chester Zoo

“M Worldwide rose to this challenge in its ability to understand what our visitors want, to collaborate with the many stakeholders and partners involved in making this happen, and to do it on time and to budget.”

Simon Mann

Director of Development, Chester Zoo

Conwy Castle

“We manage and maintain a hugely diverse range of building types, none of which were originally designed with retail spaces. M Worldwide and Datum Contracts have created an incredibly flexible and cost-effective approach that can be adapted to different spaces, different periods and different styles of architecture.”

Jayne Rowlands

Head of Visitor & Business Services, Cadw

Gazprom Drive Café

“Petrol station retailing has traditionally been branded as an extension of the corporate canopy, forecourt, and oil branding. To create real stand out for Gazprom, the approach to the overall retail architecture, exterior elements, materials, lighting and branding has been challenged, making the Drive Café offer credible in its own right. M Worldwide’s expertise in the convenience and food service market, as well as the Russian consumer mindset, has proved invaluable. We believe Drive Café will set a new standard in petrol station retailing.”

Roman Krylov

Head of Retail, Gazprom


“As testament to Halifax’s trust in M Worldwide, we’ve been working with them since 2001. They are experts in developing brand communications and environments at retail for financial services, bringing to us a wealth of experience and learnings.”

Jake Kirkham

Head of Retail Marketing, Halifax


“M Worldwide has been critical in defining and developing new concepts as well as evolving and refreshing existing formats. Sales at stores that have had M Worldwide involvement typically have experienced considerable rise. Planning principles and the creation of product worlds have been seamlessly integrated with brand and promotional communications to create a holistic store environment.”

Oleg Zherebtsov

Chief Executive Officer, Lenta, Russia

Merseyrail – Mtogo

Mtogo is all about enhancing the customer experience, and Liverpool Central, one of the busiest underground stations in the country outside London, was the perfect place to trial a slightly different formula. M Worldwide’s expertise in understanding customers, as well as the convenience store sector, has proved invaluable to this programme.”

Kaj Mook

Customer Services Director, Merseyrail


“I have worked with M Worldwide on many projects. Every time they have demonstrated their willingness and ability to work immediately as part of the team and their understanding of issues from both the business’ and the customers’ point of view. Their practical, speedy and intelligent consulting style has made it very easy for us to absorb M Worldwide’s strategic thinking and their creative and design ideas. This is especially important in a large and complex organisation where there are multiple stakeholders to consult and engage with. Finally, they are also down to earth and good fun to work with!”

Joe Ward

Head of In-store Marketing, Wm. Morrison Supermarkets