Insight lies at the heart of every retail and brand success story; into consumer thoughts and feelings, into markets, and into businesses. Our retail insight bridges the gap between research and design. Specifically developed with brand communications and retail design output in mind, we explore the rational and emotional drivers that forge lasting relationships between you and your customers.


  • Customer journey mapping: how different customer types accomplish their shopping goals.
  • In-store: what people do and don’t do in-store, and why.
  • Customer interviews: one to one or in groups, how customers relate to your offer.


  • Market intelligence: what your competitors offer, how they operate, and how you can be different.
  • Shopping tours: taking you out of the office and into the retail environment to investigate retail successes for inspiration and ideas.
  • Industry trends: keep tabs on customers’ changing needs and retail news.
  • Future planning: bespoke workshops to plan your brand’s future.


  • Stakeholder consultation: understand the people who are involved in the daily life of your business, get different perspectives, and develop opportunities.
  • Research review: look at your research and use it in a meaningful way.
  • Employee research: talk to staff members to see how the store design helps or hinders them, listen to their insights and ideas.


Brand Development & Corporate Identity

Whether you need to develop a new brand or reposition your current one, we can provide the brand strategy that defines who you are. If you already have a well-defined, successfully positioned brand, then our job is to interpret how customers will experience your offer. Whatever we do, it always leads to real things being built and communicated.

  • Brand audit: identify brand equities, opportunities, and existing brand-consumer relationships.
  • Brand strategy & brand positioning: define what makes you different and special, your brand architecture and your brand-building needs.
  • Brand template: establish your core brand attributes – brand essence, promise, personality and values, emotional and rational benefits, reasons to believe.
  • Identity and brand expression guidelines: how to communicate the brand and why, core design and look and feel elements, and why the brand works in the way it does.

Brand Communications

By understanding customers’ needs, their mindset and how they shop, we can help you communicate the right information at the right time. We can create a complete communications plan from scratch or focus on one particular challenge – from concept stage to delivery in-store, from prototypes to a full roll-out programme with guidelines and implementation advice.

Environmental Design

Our core competency is retail design and the delivery of holistic, consumer-focused brand experiences.

We do this by interpreting brand strategy and understanding your business objectives. We have a creative team of graphic and interior designers, 3D modellers, and space planners.