4% increase in revenue and 2.5% increase in pre-tax profit


We’ve been defining the Sainsbury’s shopper journey for all new and refurbished sites across the UK since 2008 – including the 2009 acquisition Somerfield.

Because each store is unique, we conduct detailed site-specific audits and review store plans, alongside site visits and photographic surveys to map the customer journey, understand access, and determine how the store architecture relates locally.

This enables us to tailor each store environment to a specific customer journey – making sure the scale of the store creates a more effective experience for the shopper and the business.

Some of the key successes of our work with Sainsbury’s include:

  • An improved shopping experience through simple and intuitive delivery of key messages
  • Significant production cost-savings by ensuring messages are located correctly and in the right quantity
  • Principles around communications in relation to the shopper journey have been embedded internally and the value of ‘brand’ has increased significantly amongst staff
  • 2012 half year results saw a 4% increase in revenue and a 2.5% rise in pre-tax profit. This is in stark contrast to two major competitors who both saw a decline
  • An in-store branding tool kit has also been rationalised and simplified so employees better understand how to implement at store level.